Butler Elementary School Policies and Procedures

Butler Elementary Mission Statement

The Butler Elementary School’s mission is to provide opportunities for all students to make responsible choices for becoming successful citizens. School personnel and parents as partners will meet individual student needs by fostering positive self-concepts, appropriate social skills, and academic knowledge.

Student Conduct

The conduct of DeKalb County Eastern CSD Elementary students is expected to be in keeping with generally appropriate behavior. Whether in school or at extra-curricular activities, every student is expected to conduct himself or herself as a gentleman or as a lady. No teacher or administrator will expect more or accept less.

In the absence of self-discipline, the superintendent, any administrative personnel, or any teacher of the school district is authorized to take certain actions reasonably desirable or necessary to help any students, to further school purposes, or to prevent an interference with the educational process. When the teacher has exhausted all possible remedies to a discipline problem in the classroom, the teacher may refer the student to administrative personnel.

School rules apply for students not only during regular hours and on school property, but also at all school-sponsored events whether on or off school grounds.

DeKalb County Eastern CSD Elementary students are expected to be courteous and respectful to one another, to staff members, and to all visitors. To encourage this atmosphere, these guidelines should be followed:

  1. Behave in a courteous manner in classrooms and in the halls. Avoid damaging school or personal property.
  2. Use appropriate language and avoid obscenity.
  3. Radios, walkmans, pagers, and electronic games should not be brought to school except when cleared with the office for special class purposes.
  4. Behave respectfully at all events.
  5. Avoid fighting.
  6. Avoid throwing objects inside or outside the building.
  7. Keep food and drinks in the cafeteria.
  8. Cooperate and be courteous during the lunch period. Responsible behavior is expected for service in line and disposal of trash.
  9. Cheating is not acceptable.
  10. Follow the directions of teachers and other adults responsible for the operation of the school.
  11. Do not aid or abet a violation of school rules.
  12. Avoid violating the laws as spelled out in Appendix A of the Student Handbook.

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