DeKalb County Eastern Community School District implemented Chromebooks in Fall 2015 as part of Eastside's Digital Learning Initiative.  Dell Chromebooks were selected because they have proven to be extremely reliable, easy to use, and provide a stable platform to utilize the numerous educational applications provided by Google. Chromebooks are also used in the 4th-6th grade classrooms at Butler Elementary and Riverdale Elementary Schools. Below is an Acceptable Use Policy in place at Eastside Jr/Sr High School. To print or view the entire policy or the FAQs, go to this link.

Acceptable Use Policy

Students and parents must sign an agreement each year stating that they will use their Chromebook for educational purposes.  Failure to follow the agreement results in disciplinary action.  The following information is in the agreement:

I Will:

  • follow all teacher directives regarding the use of all technology
  • use computers for school-related purposes and high quality self-discovery activities
  • credit my sources when I am using other people’s information, images, or other material
  • respect the work of other students and not copy, alter, or otherwise damage work that is not mine
  • bring my Chromebook to school fully charged each day (loacner chargers are not available)
  • protect my Chromebook from damage and transport my Chromebook zipped inside the issued carrying case at all times (do not walk around using it while it’s opened, keep it off the floor, do not shut things inside the screen)
  • follow DeKalb Eastern policies, rules, and regulations and return the Chromebook and power cord in good working condition when directed to do so
  • take care of DeKalb Eastern technology equipment and be responsible for all damage or loss caused by accident, neglect, abuse, or even “I don’t know how it became damaged or lost”

I Will Not:

  • damage, change, delete or tamper with the school hardware, software or network in any way
  • use any form of electronic communication to harass, intimidate, threaten, ridicule, or otherwise harm others
  • take pictures and/or record audio/video without the consent of that student or staff member
  • search for, possess, read, view, write or copy inappropriate pictures or information
  • read another student’s private communications and schoolwork without permission
  • post contact information, such as full name, address, and phone number, about myself or any other person
  • pretend to be someone else online
  • decorate my school issued Chromebook or case with stickers, writing, or other markings
  • leave my school issued Chromebook unattended, leave it in a locker room or classroom, or loan out my Chromebook or charger to other individuals

I Understand:

  • the device issued to me is the property of DeKalb Eastern and is not my own.  Failure to return the device when withdrawing, graduating, or whenever it is requested will be considered theft and legal actions will be taken
  • the use of the Internet and technology provided by DeKalb Eastern is a privilege and not a right
  • the Internet is filtered to eliminate distractions and inappropriate content including games, videos, and other websites that are non-educational. Use of non-educational websites (YouTube, Netflix, Music Streaming, Games) are privileged and may be revoked or restricted without warning at any time if used excessively during school hours or inappropriately.
  • that I may request for an online resource to be unblocked if deemed necessary for research or class assignments
  • my work can be lost and I should be careful to backup/save important work otherwise I am responsible for re-doing lost work
  • it is my responsibility to validate information or research on the Internet
  • that email and other forms of communication is not guaranteed to be private and excessive emailing (instead of texting or instant messaging) may result in disciplinary actions
  • that DeKalb Eastern technology and my Chromebook are subject to inspection at any time without notice
  • school personnel have full authority over all DeKalb Eastern technology, network devices, files and all school issued Chromebooks
  • that all DeKalb Eastern devices may be restored to factory settings at any time

Consequences for Misuse:

  • school administrators will revoke or limit the use of DeKalb Eastern technology due to my poor performance in academics, attendance, and/or behavior
  • I may be disciplined up to suspension or expulsion from school if I violate DeKalb Eastern’s technology use policy
  • If criminal activity is suspected the Chromebook and all accounts will be turned over to law enforcement.

Repair Cost for Chromebook Damage:

Broken Screen Keyboard Damage Power Cord Chromebook Case Device Replacement Other
$40 $50 $30 $20 $250 Repair cost of $75 whichever is less

*Any issue covered by the standard warranty of the Chromebook will result in no charge to the student.
*Repair and replacement costs are subject to change.

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.